Flexible PVC CABLES with PVC insulation NYMHY 300/500 V

These cables are useful for use in dry or damp locations for medium duties in domestic premises, kitchens, office. Suitable for washing machines, refrigerator etc. Can be used for cooking and heating appliance provided that the cable does not come in contact with the hot parts.

Reference Standard

IEC 60227, BS-6500, VDE-0250, ISIRI(607)


Conductor: Plain annealed copper stranded as per class 5 of IEC 60228, VDE-0295, ISIRI 3084
Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride- PVC
Core identification: colour
Assembley: Core twisted together to make a round assembley with filters wherever necessary.
Outer sheath: Polyvintl chloride- PVC
standard colour is white, but any other colour can be supplied on request.

Technical Date

Temperature: -30C to +70C
Working voltage: 300/500 V R.M.S
Conductor resistance: As per class 5 of IEC 60228
Test Voltage: 2000 VAC for 5 minute
Flame retardant: Acc. IEC 60332-1