About US

Jahan Shahin Novin Wire and Cable Company is the product of the experiences of a group that has been active in the wire and cable industry for a long time. The average experience of these specialists in the field of management, production, technical and engineering, business and manpower is over 20 years. This group, as a united and committed team, has brought factories to prosperity from the crisis, and this in 1399 caused a spark in the minds of senior management, which after gaining these experiences and the existing team can establish a wire and cable factory. Take steps in the direction of job creation and personal interest in Sorkheh industrial town of Semnan province. It was a strong step that, despite all the problems, in 1400, a factory with all internal and external machines, a well-equipped laboratory, and the necessary facilities were established and put into operation on a land area of ​​11,000 square meters.
The goals of the senior management of the organization at the beginning of the work were associated with the slogan “Quality is our endless way” and by attracting specialized and skilled personnel, they put quality production at the forefront of their work. The policy of producing a quality product using quality raw materials, up-to-date machinery and specialized manpower was drawn as a sustainable and inexhaustible profit, and this belief has become a culture in the organization.